Revolutionizing Social Media: Enter the World of WEB3 Platforms

Published 28/02/2023

Web3 is a logical web whose main function is to figuratively empower the digital community on a more decentralized objective. Its platform puts the users in massive control of their online experience and data security while providing privacy-preserving technologies.
Web3 makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has the ability to connect with each other, having the user’s interest and goals by so doing, a unique browsing experience will flood the internet.

Taking Mastodon as an example, web3 gives a more interesting and fair internet experience than a joint at-head social media like Meta, Twitter, and YouTube. These social meet-ups are known for filtering content and stopping personalities from operations.

A block-chained social media is based on community standards and governance, which is why it is said to be democratic. It gives opportunities for new content engagement with audiences as it used crypto and NFT to flow and generate revenue for the content creators while keeping the data on the public blockchain live forever without fear of loss.

One of the best features of web3 is that it puts the users in control of their data and ideas, unlike the centralized social companies who put the needs of the shareholders and directors first before the interest of the users.



  • OPEN: standardized and creative commons licenses are all there in the digital community, to further give a rise to the flow distribution of information without cost, free software which therefore works on achieving a decentralized and user-based use of information across the block-chained social media.


  • INTELLIGENCE: Web3 looks into introducing a picture of a well-absorbed and understanding means of linking and connecting to the search engines, which can reveal and distribute a well-refined knowledge on its own, with the ability to find and understand information. It would make the user able to browse through the websites using their own language without putting in a password.


  • EASE: Most times, people have to be familiar with some websites interface in order to understand and adapt to them, whereby it is a new interface, they have to spend some time in getting to know it better before successive operations but web3 looks at inculcating the pages and the sites Toba standard or level where it functions becomes homogenize and hereby facilities navigation. By so doing it becomes easy for the users to access the platform.


  • DIMENSIONALITY: Web3 tends to create a visualized space called a 3 dimensional space, where the users can relate in an almost one on one visual atmosphere, it makes it easier to scroll around the web without the use of the former means of accessibility.

Web3 will look at working with many applications to achieve its quest for a profitable, accessible and relaxable universe. Some of those applications include;

  • MACHINE LEARNING: Technological tools like Big data and the internet of things(IoT) work alongside machine learning. Machine learning is an inclusive Artificial language that provides a process of handling and harnessing data on its own. E.g of such a machine is Siri

SIRI is a tool known as intelligent assistance that analyzes, speaks, and interacts with users. Over time, Artificial intelligence (AI) has attained a great height of recognition and it’s a big concept in Web3 projects.

  • NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN (NFT): This is a unique and non destructible kind of pictorial crypto which is not regulated by any authority or legal institution, it exists in form of art and fashion, and it can be referred to as a liquidate or digital assets, having claims to ownership and personal property right.


  • BLOCKCHAIN: Web3 has developed the most safe mathematical frame for internet users in the form of blockchain. This developmental asset is created to secure data to the extent that it becomes difficult to run a false copy of data.

Blockchain creates a form of electronic public ledger which can be shared across different users freely while keeping an unchangeable history of their activities. Blockchain is faster, and more effective, leading to the creation of smart transactions with strong security because the data is distributed or transmitted in an encrypted form.

  • META VERSE: This is where the feature of dimensionality surfaces, the metaverse looks at the relevance of the logical tendency which Web3 is profound. It situates on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) it creates an illusion of experience, putting together the Artificial space in the web to host a direct relationship among users.
  • CRYPTOCURRENCY: Web3 makes use of cryptocurrency in order to give users access or big control over their online content. Cryptocurrency runs on blockchain technology to record the number of coins and how many are with people.



Mastodon is an open source, free to use Web3 social media software for small blogging, it allows users to host a self-running democratized network. Services and websites that operates among each other using an open protocol for communication within a standard that makes it easier for any user within the Mastodon ecosystem to communicate to another, Making use of their interswitch websites.
Mastodon is looking forward to creating a universe that is co-joined or federated, it is called a fediverse, the fediverse is made up of many networks without a single authority,
It stops the concentration of power that surfaces in Web2 social platform and therefore has no notion of failure, furthermore, a network of nodes called “instances” is introduced into Mastodon to help secure users content and data while users builds a decentralized application and websites, here websites has different moderation policies and community guidelines.

 Tools Available in Mastodon Includes

Pleroma a micro blogging engine
Plume used in creating a long form content
Peer tube a video Sharing platform
Pixelfed an image sharing decentralized mechanism.


This is a form of social networking, protocol that is decentralized, it makes uses of structural look like of Twitter, the social media platform makes it easier for users to publish a bespoke social network protocol that transmits encrypted direct message and other social functions,

The media platform is said to look like Twitter but it can also be made to imitate other types of social experiences, as users create a personal authoritative account with identities that allows them to send content across, relate with other posts while linking up with their favorites.

  • Mirror

a platform for writers and has a gateway to decentralized technologies, it mints post as NFT

  • Steem

steem empowers content creators by rewarding them for sharing their digital content with steem token

  • Quintura

a search engine which relies on relational search based on a cloud of connectivity that allows access to other branch of actions

  • Gnoss

a platform aimed at creating a digital online identity which can be used to identify the user in any environment.

  • Obsidian

secure messenger available for Android phones, it looks more like a chat room where users can also exchange tokens.

In Conclusion

The web1 era was a one way media distribution where users would only browse the internet to consume the information without any contribution (share, react or engage)  .
Web2 took hold of the introduction of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, it brought in a period of 2 ways communication and also allows users to generate content which can easily be shared.
Web3 introduced a platform of total own controlled content as policies across all social media platforms.

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