Top 10 Blockchain Advertising Companies

Published 19/03/2023

Do you want your blockchain project to succeed in 2023? Investing in advertising can drive you toward your goal.


 Blockchain advertising companies can help you grow your business by increasing your brand’s exposure which in turn attracts potential investors and clients, connect with customers and influencers, and build trust and credibility while you focus on delivering the best service to your users.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best blockchain advertising companies and the services they are specialized in.

What is Blockchain Advertising?

Blockchain advertising is a form of digital advertising that focuses on promoting blockchain projects to create brand awareness, drive token sales, build communities, and help startups land investors. 


Blockchain advertising companies save you time and resources, they are experts and have experience identifying challenges and opportunities in the blockchain space. These companies can offer a wide range of services, including market research, branding, content marketing, social media management, and advertising. These services aim to help clients in reaching and effectively engage with their desired target audience.


Benefits of Blockchain Advertising

There is a lot of competition in the blockchain space and if you want to stay ahead of the competition, advertising is of the best ways you can go. With blockchain advertising, you can:

Save time and money

Hiring a top marketing executive would cost you anywhere between $255,348 and $368,008. However, you don’t have to spend that much hiring a blockchain advertising company. You would be saving about 60% of what you will be paying a top marketing executive per annum depending on the advertising agency.

Additionally, blockchain advertising companies have a team of professionals that specializes in marketing with lots of experience working with other startups. So, you’re not only cutting down on costs when hiring an advertising company but also getting better deliveries on your promotions.

Keep up with trends

Technology is growing at an exponential rate and businesses are tapping into new technologies to stay ahead of the competition. It is important for blockchain startups to stay up to date with marketing trends in the blockchain space. With these advertising companies, you are resting assured that the team is looking out for the top marketing trends to help your business grow. Maximize Your Reach to the Right Buyers with Niche Specialization

A blockchain advertising company that understands the industry and your target customers will help your marketing effort to the next level in no time. These companies understand what it takes to help you reach your goal from years of experience in successfully promoting blockchain businesses. 


Building Trust in the Blockchain Market: Securing Brand Coverage in Leading Publications Blockchain advertising companies offer PR services and collaborate with leading crypto and blockchain media publication and reporters. They can help you get featured in leading crypto and blockchain publications and secure your brand coverage.


Work with Subject Matter Experts

Hiring a blockchain marketing company means you get to work with a team of subject matter experts who have years of experience in the industry. It not only helps your brand reach new heights in no time, but you also get to learn more about the industry which can give you ideas on some things you need to do differently from competitors.


List of Top 10 Blockchain Advertising Companies

1. Blockwiz    


Blockwiz is a leading data-driven blockchain marketing agency founded in 2019 by Dev Sharma. The company like many others in the industry specializes in helping startups succeed in the ever-growing competitive blockchain market.

The company offers a variety of services designed to help businesses stand out amongst the competition. Some of the services they offer include branding and design, content creation, community management, social media marketing, and paid advertising.

The company has experts with years of industry experience in every department to ensure you’re getting absolutely the best service.  With its team of professionals and many success stories from clients, the company has proven its strength in offering the best-tailored marketing strategies to suit the requirements of every individual project. 

With this, each client gets the special attention that they need to succeed regardless of the size or scope of their blockchain project.

Additionally, Blockwiz offers consulting and advisory services to help clients succeed in the complex blockchain marketing space. This includes advice on token economics, community engagement, investor relations, and also guidance on regulatory compliance and security best practices.


2. Lunar Strategy



Lunar Strategy is another reputable blockchain marketing company. Unlike blockwiz, it focuses on the web3 ecosystem. Services the company offers to include Blockchain PR, Web3 Community Management, Crypto Influencer, Marketing, Crypto Paid Ads, and Web3 social media.

The company has a team of experienced professionals who specialize in marketing for blockchain and cryptocurrency startups while also providing guidance and support for token sales, and can help startups with fundraising efforts and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

In addition to its expertise in web3,

 Lunar Strategy also has a strong network within the cryptocurrency community.

The team has established relationships with influential figures in the industry, including investors, influencers, and media publications. This allows Lunar Strategy to help its clients build a strong reputation within the crypto space, and gain exposure to potential investors and customers.


3.  Krypto Surge



Kryptosurge is another web3 advertising company with a proven track record in marketing. The company specializes in developing business strategies, content creation, and community moderation. 

The company takes things a step further with offline communities to facilitate client business growth and set up meetups that enable real-time product adoption and user acquisition.

The company is always on the lookup for the latest trends and technologies to help clients reach their desired marketing goals. Kryptosurge also offers consulting and advisories to clients seeking to launch or scale their products and secure brand coverage. 


4. NinjaPromo


Unlike other blockchain advertising companies with the primary goal of promoting crypto and blockchain projects, NinjaPromo is a digital marketing company that has crypto/blockchain marketing as one of its core services. The company offers a wide range of services that can help business and crypto startups reach their marketing goal.

With the explosive growth in social media over the past few years, it has become one of the primary tools for businesses to reach a wider audience. NinjaPromo specializes in developing social media strategies that can help clients’ businesses gain exposure, build a fan base, and connect with potential investors.

Content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) are other important service that NinjaPromo offers. By producing high-quality, informative content that educates readers about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, startups can build a loyal fan base, increase their organic reach and stay relevant in search rankings. This can lead to more website visitors and potential investors.


Other services the company offers include 

  • Influencer Marketing, 
  • PR & Outreach, 
  • Video Production,
  •  Video Marketing,
  •  Lead Generation,
  •  Branding, 
  • Website Development,
  •  Mobile App Development, 
  • Web Design, 
  • Mobile App Design, 
  • Blockchain Development. 


Overall, NinjaPromo’s range of digital marketing services can help crypto startups stand out in a crowded marketplace. By leveraging the company’s expertise in social media, SEO, content marketing, and email marketing, startups can build a strong online presence that attracts potential investors and sets them apart from their competitors.




ICODA is a marketing agency that has a strong belief in the transformative power of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and cutting-edge financial technology. Its team of specialists is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to crypto businesses at every stage of their development – from conception to promotion and listing.

Like many other reputable advertising companies, ICODA is data-driven. Its teams of experts, can not only help you achieve your marketing goals but also help you develop blockchain products that stand out while taking into account the market trends and users’ behavior to make sure you succeed.  One of the key strengths of ICODA is its vast network of resources. With operations in, Wroclaw, Mainz, Tbilisi, Tokyo, Valencia, and more, the agency has access to a wide range of expertise and knowledge from around the world. It has also collaborated with industry-leading publications such as CoinMarketCap, Forklog, and Coin Gecko, further enhancing its credibility and reputation.

So, whether you are looking for help with

    •  marketing, 
  • product development,
  •  or listing on a crypto exchange,

 ICODA has the skills and experience to help you succeed in the industry.


6. NeoReach


NeoReach is one of the best crypto marketing agencies for influencer marketing. The company has an impressive track record in marketing and has helped top brands and fortune 500 companies desire growth. 

The company has a team of tech-savvy in every department who strategically set up a marketing plan that includes reaching out to top influencer that understands the industry, and building relationships that’ll help clients reach great heights in no time. 

In addition to this global PR company’s expertise in influencer marketing, they offer comprehensive marketing campaigns designed specifically for decentralized projects, remote teams, and Web3 projects. 

Some of NeoReach’s high-profile clients include 

  • The History Channel, 
  • Robinhood, 
  • Clash App.


7.  CryptoPR



CryptoPR is undoubtedly one of the best crypto marketing agencies you can hire to succeed in the blockchain and crypto industry. This agency has worked and achieved impressive results with some of the most popular and relevant brands like Binance, eToro,, and many others.

The company had one of its best success stories when it took over the marketing of Lucky Block which quickly became the fastest-ever blockchain-based gaming platform to hit over 1 billion in market cap

The firm has over 100 staff, making it one of the biggest crypto marketing firms. 

Not only that, the firm runs one of the largest crypto news portals which also means you’ll get potential customers to your business from their millions of loyal readers and subscribers.  Their major services include publishing PRs about your NFT project on authority media outlets, influencer promotion, and NFT shilling campaigns, generating targeted traffic and investors to your project, arranging interviews with cofounders to raise awareness of your NFT and Outreach to journalists, news portals and other media contacts.


8. Coinbound


Coinbound offers one of the most effective forms of digital reach for your project. With a focus on marketing and web3 crypto influencers in which the company has quite a number to help your brand succeed.

Alongside the influencer outreach, Coinbound also offers Twitter management as one of its core services with many clients reporting over 400% growth in the first three months. The firm assumes total management of your Twitter account, filling it with quality and fantastic content that the audience will find interesting. 

Other core services they offer include crypto and blockchain PR, SEO, lead generation, community and investor relation, hiring a web3 fractional CMO, and press releases. Coinbound also offers professional guidance to evaluate your business and marketing approach, allowing you to identify areas that require improvement.




Whether you’re planning to launch a project on NFT, web3.0, metaverse, GameFi, DeFi, or ICO, or you’re just looking for a company with industry expertise to promote your brand, is one of those marketing agencies you can’t go wrong with. 

The company specializes in influencer marketing like NeoReach and coinbound, community management, PR, branding, and content marketing. The firm has over 50 professionals working together, creating the best formula for each unique project to ensure client satisfaction. is known for its exceptional DEX listing services. assists clients in listing their crypto tokens on various prominent blockchain platforms, yield farming platforms, and crypto loaning networks. By availing of these services, clients can augment the value of their utility tokens and generate higher net profits for their projects.


10. Blockchain App Factory


With over seven years of industry experience and a team of professionals, Blockchain App Factory takes pride in providing cutting-edge solutions to clients worldwide across various business spectra.


 As experts in blockchain technology, they offer customized blockchain solutions for applications in numerous industries, enabling automation, authentication, decentralization, and cost-saving measures through their innovative NFTs, NFT marketplaces, crypto exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets, DeFi solutions, and more.   The company has years of experience in designing tokens for

  •  ICOs, 
  • STOs, 
  • and IEOs, 

as well as creating solutions for DApps, which has allowed them to launch customized blockchain solutions across various mainstream blockchains. Additionally, they offer blockchain consultation services to help clients navigate this ever-evolving crypto and blockchain industrySo, whether, you’re looking to launch a blockchain project or get your brand exposure, Blockchain App Factory is the ideal marketing agency for you.

Takeaway  , The Company Listed above all have experience and expertise in the services they offer, Most have been in business for a couple of years while a few are just new, though it’s not strong contenders for choosing a company to work with.  We compiled this guide to help you evaluate some qualities you should look out for when hiring a web3 Marketing agency

This video below will also help give you an  in depth knowledge of what Blockchain marketing is all about

You can go over their portfolios and KPIs before making your final decision on the company you want to work with. If you already have a product and you would want to penetrate the African audience, I would strongly recommend Krypto Surge, you can always check out their past results and experiences. 

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How is blockchain used in advertising?

helps marketing and advertising teams better manage data, gain deeper insights into audience interactions with ad campaigns and cultivate meaningful customer relationships

From our research so far ,Blockwiz is leading  followed by Lunar Strategy and Krypto Surge.

This is a marketing agency that specialises in promoting blockchain products like Exchanges, Dexs, Coins .

Any company can work with blockchain .ranging from Power, voting , health, government and education.

we can see these companies in the  US and example is

WePower: a blockchain energy company



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