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In need to genuinely grow the usage and acceptance of your blockchain products ,we have curated a strong unique pattern to announce your product. 


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Instant Service

Avoid waiting weeks for your content order with us . Book a call now and we'll begin working on your project right away

Proven Strategies

Evidence-Based Approaches that Deliver Outcomes,

SEO Optimized Contents

We provide you with Contents that are SEO optimised toensure your organic traffic is intact

Strong Community

The power of a Blockchain Product lies in the strength of its community and we are here to give you the best

Our Services

You have built a Blockchain product , yet no one is making use of it ,
most times the problem is with your market penetration strategy

whatever problem you face we can fix it.

Our Mission is simple ,create a better penetration strategy for you.


Business Development

Business development Strategies, for African countries. for easy adoption of the Blockchain


Content Development

SEO contents, Paid Ads , Blockchain writting .


Discord Moderation

Discord moderation and management. Time tracking systems for community moderation


Offline Communities

We Build and manage offline communities, where physical meetups can be hosted,this enables real time product adoption and user acquiring.

Our Team

We comprise of focused individuals ,dedicated to spreading Blockchain ,and upliftment of the African Community via Blockchain


Arinze Micheal

African Business & Community Development Manager


Anieke Joseph

SEO Content Development Strategist


Eze Stanley

Discord Moderation Specialist

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