Blockchain In Marketing

So why do you even need to use blockchain for marketing, since you can run your blockchain product ads on the web2 platform and they still get sign-ups? 


We make use of blockchain for marketing to achieve higher engagements, CTR, and maximum sales. This is only massive when you run them on web3 platforms like 

Brave, open sea, and the like.

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing Blockchain ads, advertising platforms, the benefits, and demerits, and where you can start.


Now let’s discuss some terminologies we’d be working with.

Blockchain Ads 

This is a form of promotion used for blockchain products like coins, dex, NFT, and a web3 event that is channeled basically on the metaverse. It serves as an open ecosystem where data providers make direct deals with vendors without intermediaries.


They run on web3 platforms and some web2 platforms that work hand in hand with crypto, like 

  • Telegram
  • Twitter 
  •  Discord. 

From research, it was proven that crypto enthusiasts hang out more on Reddit than any other platform; it serves more as an open source.



What To look out for when Hiring Blockchain Advertising companies

BlockChain Advertising is quite new and most people don’t know how to access them to get the most out of what they pay 


So here are some tips to guide you in choosing your next blockchain advertising company or agency to promote your blockchain product. 


KPIs Vs Marketing Budget



Your budget plays a very vital role in selecting a blockchain marketing agency, this is the stipulated amount you’re willing to pay for services to be rendered. If your budget is very high you’re going to get a good result. Well, this result is not always directly dependent on the Budget. 


KPI is just a way of measuring results; it can be sign-ups, email subscribers, website traffic, sales, and social engagements. The result you get in the stipulated time should tally with what the agency promised to deliver or at least up to   70% of the KPIs should be reached.


Here at Kryptosurge, our Marketing budget starts from at least $2500 and we work from there.


If you constantly find a good marketing agency that suits your budget, you can work on getting extra finances to aid you. These can be seeking loans from family, friends, or seed investors.


Availability of the Advertising Agency


Most companies might have the required experience to carry out your project and even deliver results, but due to their unavailability, you won’t always be attended to since there are so many clients and this will be a disadvantage on your side especially if you’re working with a low budget.


To succeed, your project needs to be up and running, other competitors will most likely overtake you when you don’t market aggressively, sure that any company you’re signing a deal with will be available any time any day you need them irrespective of the time zone. Here at Krypto Surge, we have the privilege of having team members across other time zones that always enables us to tend to our clients fast.


Factor Location  

When choosing your Marketing Agency, location is a strong factor to consider. 

If you are in the US, always choose companies you share the same time zones with. This would enable you to stay updated on current news happening in the ecosystem.


If you can’t find a good one in your region, always go for the agencies with a 24/7 support system.


Most of our recent wins here at Kryptosurge are mostly African Blockchain companies and Bigger Blockchains that want to tap into the African Market. ranging from Kucoin, Aurora, and many more. Since we are pushing the project from our side, we make use of our time zone, 


Technologies used by the Agency


Ensure the agency is up-to-date with the recent technology in the ecosystem. adopting modern technologies would help you succeed in blockchain ventures.


Running blockchain adverts on Facebook for instance won’t convert, compared to running the same advert on Twitter Making use of Influencer marketing and a welcome token will convert faster when applied effectively.


I always recommend using agencies that understands your Industry language. For instance if you are a fashion brand transitioning into web3,go for brand that understands fashion in its entirety,


Experience Of the Agency

This can be measured in two ways, either by the number of years they have been in the business or by the number of results they have gained. Now how do you check these factors,


you can look at the companies on social media, to see how long they have been active, you can as well join their community to see what their members are like If they are humans or bots. 


Take a look at their portfolio and see their past clients, you can also go ahead to request reviews from them. This should be done to build trust and authority.  


Mostly you should avoid companies or individuals that are less than one year into the business since they are presumed not to have experience. But some do for instance here at Krypto surge, our teammates used to work independently for companies majorly as freelance and contract workers before we decided to build a substantial company. This means the experience is here already.


Apart from the agency itself, do your research to know if the workers assigned your project to have the necessary skills and experience.

In Conclusion 

Your financial freedom in today’s world is at mercy of what you do with your time and resources. Investing in your blockchain product today will be a stepping stone to your financial liberty.  Since blockchain products are already in demand and you are pretty early.


Using these tips we gave you which are, KPI vs Marketing budget, Availability of the Advertising Agency, the location where the agency is situated, Technologies they make use of and their working experience be it in years or results. 


You would be able to effectively choose an agency that will take your Blockchain product to the next level. Check out our review on the best Blockchain marketing agencies you may love to work with.


By Anieke Joseph

SEO Content creator, Technical writer.and Blockchain Enthusiast very passionate about SEO optimized content copies, to drive sales for Saas and B2B

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