10 Proven Strategies for Crafting Powerful Content in Blockchain Marketing

Published 03/03/2023


Blockchain technology has spread so widely and this gives rise to a more demanding approach toward the application of the technology. 

This technology (blockchain) was created to put an end to numerous security problems which basically affected the banking sector. For a more transparent distribution, a medium is needed and that is what it solemnly provides a serial system or platform that engages the authentication of activities that can be seen by all but yet remains rigid for manipulation or personal editing or hacking. 


Let’s once again look into what content marketing is all about, even though by now you must have known what content marketing is all about but as we all know, no knowledge is a waste as there are different approaches and understanding towards different definitions. 



Content marketing is an orderly system of marketing channeled at making and distribution of relevant, worthy, important and consistent articles aimed at getting the sole attention of a specified number of people called audience with the objective of generating income in form of traffic, points or its current equivalent. 


To make your effort more effective as a content marketer, you need to always evaluate the attendance or visitors who are effectively getting into your websites and other platforms where your products are exhibited through your creative creation and find out which of the products truly gets your audience engaged, by so doing you can clearly give them what they want. 




 As a content marketer who wants to market their blockchain project, there is a very great need towards a content marketing strategy as it helps you to connect to the required audience, drives ultimate conversion while building trust and relationships. 


 So to say, creating an interesting and captivating content wouldn’t be easy but if gotten in the right proportion is worth every effort and improvised means of achievements. With a good strategy, be rest assured of attaining even more greater miles than expected. 


Now let us look at the strategies or ways to create very good content and how to engage your audience while marketing your blockchain project. 



  • IDENTIFY YOUR RIGHT AUDIENCE: It is very much important to know who are the rightful recipients of your products and which of your product or content attracted their interest or attention the most, so as to know their basic needs and preference. When you get this, it is necessary to know that here lies the foundation of every other action you can carry out. 


  • PUBLISH YOUR CONTENT THROUGH THE RIGHT CHANNEL: As a marketer you need to know which of your channel or platform bears more audience and engagement, this should be the better place to publish your content in order to reach a wide range of audience. 


  • CREATE A FIRST HAND CONTENT: Information about blockchain and it’s alternating projects should be a first hand educating content, one which can go a long way in developing the knowledgeable ability of your audience on the potential of your products when put in the right usage. 

  • MONITOR YOUR PERFORMANCE: In other to checkmate your ability, you need to monitor what your audience thinks about your content. Their reactions, retweets, likes, comments as well as their critics will help to evaluate your progressive performance so as to improve in your next creation. 


When you put all these into consideration and effective practice, you’ll find out that your audience sets to grow because you always have a way of creating dynamism in your content as a result of your creativity. 


Nevertheless while creating a content about blockchain, you need to focus on the advantages of blockchain over their various business, how it can help improve their lives and make things easier for them by so doing, you won’t have to teach them about blockchain before they keen into your products because they’ve known the problem blockchain can solve even without knowing what it is itself. 


Always identify the various problems your audience faces and provide  the solution immediately as a feedback to their curiosity, extend the idea of all importance of blockchain to them if they could start engaging in blockchain based solutions over the traditional means of solving. 




  • HAVE A CLEAR GOAL: Having a clear motivation, objective or aim of creating a content, ask yourself these questions; what goal am i aiming to achieve from this content? What do I actually need from this audience whose attention I need over this content am about to create? 


  • HAVE A UNIQUE NICHE: There should be a unique preference of specialty or buyers persona, it evolves into creating a community of users who are looking out for the specified products because that is what they need to satisfy their digital or online needs. 


  • CHOOSE A PREFERED PLATFORM: Discover the platform where your target audience spends most of their time and publish there. 



  • MAKEUP CREATIVE IDEAS: Always come up with creative ideas on how to introduce your content topic, keep your audience attentively with interesting write ups and draw an understandable conclusion. The way you organize and construct your content helps to retain the interest of your target audience. 



We will be looking at the best formats for creating content for blockchain marketing, a fast, reliable and captivating means of getting the attention of the audience.  Here at Krypto Surge we adopt the blueprint for our clients.


  • THROUGH UGC (USER GENERATED CONTENT) : This is a social or popular post used by creators to levitate or lift their product because it involves the users and the token holders in a blockchain structure, the audience tends to grow trust and authority as they see themselves at the forefront of the content exhibition. This relates to their interest. 



  • VIDEOS: This is a wide range of medium which allows you to share an idea to people through visual oriented commutable means created strategically to convey a story from the creator to the audience
  • PODCAST: Podcasts can also serve as a better means of marketing your blockchain project because of its low barrier and easier consumption of content, you can also use podcasts to interview some persons or host a conversation. 
  • INFOGRAPHICS: Infographics are graphics that give information in a clear and simple format, it arguably combines words, charts, statistics and visuals as well as educate the audience on an issue after breaking down the complexity of the information. 
  • MEMES: Memes can be used to promote a brand, it is a captivating and fun-ful low effort way of interaction, it helps you create a large engagement with your audience. 



  • OWNED CHANNELS: This is a channel created by a business owner for their business and they have a full control over it eg, 
    •  Websites
  •  Blogs
  •  Email
  • EARNED MEDIA: This where a third party distributes your content through social media shares or guest posting efforts. Eg, 
    •  Social media
  • Link building
  • Guest posting



  • PAID MEDIA: This is a channel you pay for your content to be distributed or published. It includes
  • Social media ads
  • Other digital channels

 This platform is where your content is expected to attain a higher reach after you have paid for the service of distribution or advertising. 


Anieke Joseph